my heart draws a dream..

last night he emailed me again. ask me to not change as his best friend. how come you said that to me?

you know. for keeping your name in my BB is the hardest part. why? i cant control my self from not calling you first. and you said you’ll keep your promise to not calling me first.

it’s me. the root of this problem is me.

it’s my ¬†jealousy. when i saw you picture with your girlfriend. it’s hard to keep smiling when my heart feel bitter.

it’s my jealousy when i know you cant spent time together with us because you need to accompany your girlfriend.

it’s my jealousy when i read your status, twitter, or everything for your girlfriend or from her..


so i choose to forget. healing my heart first..

gw masih punya banyak banget impian. gw masih punya banyak banget harapan. gw masih punya banyak banget cita-cita. kaya lagu peterpan “menghapus jejakmu”


hati gw masih gw perlukan untuk menyusun rencana baru di depan.. so let my heart draws a dream..


*lo tau. gw udah tiga malem nangis sampe ketiduran. bangun pagi mata bengkak sampe ga bisa dimasukin softlense. lo tau rasanya? capek. gw ga mau lagi kaya gitu. lo let me. kalo gw udah siap let’s introduce each other from the beginning like a stranger. and open new chapter as friends again. okey..

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