kamu tipe pintu yang mana sih?

“kamu suka banget sih baca baca tentang kepribadian orang?” 

“bukannya seru ya nebak-nebak pikiran, tingkah laku, dan perasaan orang kaya di serial tv lie to me”

sekelumit potongan pembicaraan yang sering terjadi antara saya dan sang mantan. saya suka banget baca tentang kepribadian. bukannya mau sok ngalahin mama lorent ya atau mau buka praktek tarot. tapi seru aja buat saya. saya suka banget baca komik golongan darah dan nebak orang di sekeliling saya golongan darah apa. hahahaha. jadi generalisasi sih. tapi hey, it is fun!

recently, tadi saya liat gambar ini di salah satu social media punya sahabat saya.

which door?

which door?

susah juga milihnya. saya mentok antara nomer 4 dan nomer 10. and here is the answers.

4. You are an old soul that can be slightly dramatic. You are a very artistic person that loves to express yourself through writing, music, art or some kind of expression. You are a dichotomy; for you can be very open and friendly, yet closed and deeply private. You often have your guard up, keeping your thoughts and troubles to yourself. Although you might think that nobody will truly understand you, if you allow yourself to open up and share your feelings, you will feel so much better. Deep down you are not aright with any imperfections and you feel the need to come across as “the rock” in any group situation. Know that people are willing to share their feelings with you and want you to share your feelings with them.

10. You are one who truly appreciates stability and wholeness. You are a reliable person that takes pride in their love of quality and detail. Some might say “cookie cutter”, but you say dependable! You always know what you are getting because you have checked the consumer reports. You love safety and security in all parts of your life. You prefer not to have anything frivolous or extra, if you can’t see the use for it. Chances are you have some sort of creative side that you have curbed in some way. You might love scrap-booking, music or art; yet would never try to make it your career. You feel your problems are your own and nobody needs to be burdened with them. Just keep in mind that exposing your true self to the world (or your neighbors) is not a crime. We are all human.

well dua dua nya bener banget. at least buat saat ini.

punya mu apa?

6 thoughts on “kamu tipe pintu yang mana sih?

    • ini nomer 8..
      Your fun and playful personality keeps you young and youthful. Although you are easy going, you tend to have lower self-confidence and anxiety about specific things in your life. You are usually unorganized; yet don’t even know where to start to help yourself to fix the messy problem. You are a proud individual but you need to learn to love yourself more. You need to take the time to find yourself through self expression. How are you currently expressing yourself to the world? Remember that there are people around you that can help you, but you need to let them know you are willing to receive help. Life is easier when you let people in.

      for more, silahkan klik ini >> http://prince.org/msg/100/404923 hehehe

    • halo mbak kikisaftiani.
      ini jawabannya..
      no. 2 You are clean and simple and don’t like any frills. You might strive to have a clean and perfect existence; but is it totally worth it? Don’t you feel that there is something missing? You are all about your personal achievements and you take pride in your work or career. Although you might be on track with your career path or have a few diplomas/ certificates on your wall, you need to spend more time on developing yourself as a person. Remember… the real you. Life is all about creating balance, surrounding yourself with color and creating memorable adventures. If you are finding that you have been taking the safe road lately, try veering off the beaten path. You might surprise yourself!

      no. 6 You are a confident person with an eye for detail. You can come across as someone who is all together and exciting; yet you are just YOU on the inside. You care about your appearance and how the world sees you, yet the inside your home or car is probably a total mess! Your personality can be self destructive, for you could turn against yourself when the going gets tough. The life of a person who is a living a total contradiction… has got to be a difficult one. Remember to breathe and just relax. Life is not just about pleasing others. Truth is, the world isn’t always watching… Take time to reflect on who you truly want to be? What is it that you truly want to do?

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